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Medieval & Early Modern Studies in Russia
Nationwide Scientific Conference
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The collection of abstracts (preprint) will be published in electronic form before the conference and posted at the conference and IGH RAS websites. Simultaneously, the submitted video abstracts will be posted on the Youtube channel of the conference. The video files of the presentations will be posted as they become available.

Conference Book of Abstracts

Nationwide Scientific Conference with international participation
June 27–29, 2022, Moscow
Institute of World History Russian Academy of Sciences

Download in pdf

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A collection of video materials of the conference on the YouTube channel of the conference @Mediiaevi_IGH

Alphabetical index of videos by author and session
Thematic index of video materials: sections and round tables


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In the design of the site are used the fragments from "Heures de Louis le Grand, faites dans l'Hostel royal des Invalides", 1693 г. (Paris. BNF. Latin 9477)
Institute of World History, RAS, 2021-2023 Galina Popova, Anna Anisimova, 2021-2023
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