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Medieval & Early Modern Studies in Russia
Nationwide Scientific Conference
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One of the forms of the conference will be presentations of specialized professional editions on medieval studies published in 2018-2022 by academic institutions and universities (monographs, publications of sources, thematic collections, yearbooks, journals), presentations of research projects.
The presentation should be framed as a scientific paper with a presentation of research results and/or with a description of research prospects.
The author/s can submit the edition; for collections of articles - the responsible editor /s, the compiler /s, a member/s of the editorial board of this particular issue. Representatives of publishers may take part in the presentation of the publication, however, please note that the presentation must not contain advertisements from publishers or other types of advertising.
Time regulations
of presentations of editions:
10 minutes (within the framework of one meeting) for the presentation of one or more editions. You can make 2-3 presentations of editions of different topics in different sections of the conference;
for presentations of research projects:
15 min for individual research projects (individual grants);
up to 30 minutes research group projects (grants within the framework of fundamental research competitions).

Text for publication

up to 3,000 characters (including spaces) for individual reports;
up to 5,000 characters (including spaces) for presentations of collective research projects (grants of research groups for fundamental research).
Optionally, participants can submit video files in addition to or instead of written abstracts. The video should be:
5 to 10 minutes long for individual presentations;
5 to 15 minutes long for presentations of collective research projects;
3 to 10 minutes long for the presentation of one edition.
Application for presentation
Applications for presentations are made according to the rules of abstracts.

For the presentation of the edition, please indicate the full imprint: author / s, title, place, year, publisher, number of pages, stamps, circulation, ISBN, DOI (if any). Provide a link to the corresponding page of the publisher's website or the address (URL) of the placement on the Web (if any).
The presentation of the research project should be framed as a scientific paper with the presentation of research results and/or with a description of research prospects. Please indicate its full name, the grant number (standard set of links to the grant when publishing an article), optionally, the full name of the participants.
In the design of the site are used the fragments from "Heures de Louis le Grand, faites dans l'Hostel royal des Invalides", 1693 г. (Paris. BNF. Latin 9477)
Institute of World History, RAS, 2021-2023 Galina Popova, Anna Anisimova, 2021-2023
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