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Medieval & Early Modern Studies in Russia
Nationwide Scientific Conference
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Venues of the Conference 2022
Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGH RAS)

How to become a conference venue
The main conference sessions will be held at the IGH RAS, but we hope that the conference will have other venues. If your university or institute is interested in hosting one or two conference sessions, please let us know.
Technical requirements: business version of Zoom account; the presence of an audience equipped with a conference system for a mixed format and technical staff for its maintenance is welcome. If you are applying to organize a round table or seminar and want to hold it based on your institution, you can use the MS Teams account and other systems.
E-mail address of the Organizing Committee: mediiaevi.iviran@gmail.com
In the design of the site are used the fragments from "Heures de Louis le Grand, faites dans l'Hostel royal des Invalides", 1693 г. (Paris. BNF. Latin 9477)
Institute of World History, RAS, 2021-2023 Galina Popova, Anna Anisimova, 2021-2023
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